Friends of Anne Bradstreet
organization - our collaborator for the 2012 400th Birthday Celebration of Anne Bradstreet as well as our Anne Bradstreet public school music program.

Jacob Presayzen of Boston Piano Tuner - tuner and technician for the Falcone piano at the David Hartleb Tech Center, Northern Essex Community College.

Essex National Heritage Area includes our Local History Through Music concerts in their event listings.

The ECMP Concert Fund

Institution For Savings

Eastern Bank

Enterprise Bank

Century Bank

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The ECMP Education Fund

'Notes' on Haverhill History program for the Haverhill,
Massachusetts Dr. Paul C. Nettle, C. D. Hunking
andJ. G. Whittier middle schools,
September 21 thru October 8, 2010


Anne Dudley Bradstreet multimedia program in preparation



Special one time grant 2013 funding to organization that give concerts in schools from the Essex County Community Foundation as a result of the North Shore Youth Symphony disbanding.

Particular sponsors of our Haverhill schools project

Haverhill Bank

Pentucket Bank of Haverhill

entucket Bank

Haverhill Local Cultural Council
of the Massachusetts Cultural Council

(More sponsors coming)

The ECMP Recording Fund

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The ECMP Ray Loring Memorial Recording Fund

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